Conservative Pundits Finally Getting It? Ari Fleischer Says Santorum Can Win the Nomination

I have listened to Ari tow the Romney line on CNN – show, after show, after show, after show, after show. I heard him discount Rick Santorum show. after show, after show, after show. Now the man is blowing a different horn….the Rick Santorum horn.

“If you look deeper at this, I think for the first time today in this race, that Rick Santorum has a very decent chance of beating Mitt Romney for the nomination,” former President George W. Bush’s press secretary told CNN.

The video of Ari Fleisher on Santorum can be seen on the CNN website Media guys like Ari have been pushing Romney from the beginning.  No matter what happene in the race Ari and his ilk still spewed a bunch of disingenuous GOP establishment nonsense. These guys just don’t get it… This is a new time…a time when the old school republican establishment does not control the entire election cycle… the American people do. Thank God.

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